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How 20-Somethings Can Impress the World

For many 20-somethings, preparing for the future means making plans for the weekend. But some young people are already planning for their 40s. (Older folks affectionately refer to this group as whippersnappers, smarty-pants, or the smart ones). If you’re a young person and want to impress the world, keep these tips in mind.

Job Hunting Tips for Graduates in 2015

Many young job applicants believe in sending out thousands of emails to employers as a way to connect and try to get a job.2 This isn’t the best idea. First off, employers and HR reps get hundreds of emails like yours every day, so there’s a chance they’ll never even see it. Instead, stand out. Find a phone number for one of the company employers and call them up.

ICD-10 Testing is Underway

If the industry workload increases significantly to implement this transition…this could translate into a significant increase in the need for billers and coders across the healthcare industry.

3 Tips for Easier Learning

I understand. You students are very busy juggling the many facets of your life and you feel you barely have the time to study. But please don’t forget that the information you’re learning is probably very important for your future career. Taking a few extra moments to improve your learning process will be worth it in the long run. Here are three ways to make learning easier for you.